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Project Drona, Experiential Learning - Phase 2 of the Program

A set of problems have been created to give hands-on experience. We have built simple problem statements or use cases. Solve the problems by deploying the concepts learnt in the tracks.

Assessment criteria:

Assess the coding ability

Check the level of understanding of the concepts

Check the understanding of the business scenario

Problem sets: You will be required to do -

  • Track 1 (AI/ML) or Track 2 (Full Stack) based on your learning
  • Digital Transformation, Track 3 is compulsory

Track 1 - AI/ML

There are 3 problem sets. You can choose only one of them.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Track 2 - Full Stack

There are 2 problem sets. You can choose only one of them.

Track 3 - Digital Transformation

There are 2 problem sets. You can choose only one of them.

Instructions for Submission:

A. Make a ppt presentation in 2 or 3 slides that gives a gist of your solution to the problem.

B. Create a zoom meeting & record your presentation. Not exceeding 4 – 5 minutes. See the demo here

C. Presentation should include:

  1. Describe your understanding of the problem
  2. Concepts used to solve the problem
  3. Possible solution/solutions with your rationale

Your presentation will be evaluated by Technology expert/s of your understanding and solution.

D. Save the PPT with track name, your name, college name (ex: AIML, Shanti, HYSEA). This is an important step without which we will not be able to conduct the assessment. Please make separate PPTs for Track 1 or 2 and Digital Transformation.

E. Upload the video recording into youtube and share the link. Please record separate videos for Track 1 or 2 and Digital


Next steps:

On submission of the task, you will be scheduled for a one-on-one virtual discussion with a technology mentor.

Followed by a Faculty immersive experience in the IT industry which is the final and phase 3 of the program.

On completion of the phase 3 certificate will be awarded.


  • Please complete the submission of the tasks by 30th April, 2023.
  • You will be eligible for Phase 3 upon submission of tasks.


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